Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Never Forget passwords, without storing them

The Problem

Everyone of us have an online account with so many services, like social networking, e-commerce, and email. This list is increasing day by day. Keeping minimum 8 character password with (symbols+alphanumeric code) has become a norm.

How do we remember all the passwords, for different service ?

A quick but very risky solution is to keep the same password for all services. Keeping the same password is like using the same key for all the locks. If one service is hacked, then the hacker might try the same password for other services too. This has happened before --

eBay Inc. To Ask eBay Users To Change Passwords

Sony Got Hacked Hard: What We Know and Don’t Know So Far

Ars Technica was hacked. Readers advised to change passwords

Another easy but cumbersome solution is to use password managers like KeePass. But again you need to manually enter password for every service, and take the encrypted password database file to where ever you need it. 


The Solution


There is  now an elegant, open source and very secure way to have different and difficult passwords for every website, without the need to store them.


Hash it - Android  app        Play store Link      GitHub Source  

Official Page

Mozilla Firefox Addon 

Password Hasher                 GitHub Source 


How it works


One way hash functions like MD5, SHA are used to hash domain name with your master key to generate unique password.  Thus using single master key, unique password can be generated for different websites.




Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mosquito Repellant Plant in India

Here comes a plant which has 10 times more mosquito repellent property than a popular mosquito repellent DEET. Mosquitoes are repelled by the scent of this plant.This plant has strange effect on cats.If not controlled this plant is quick to spread and can be invasive.It has attractive blue/purple flowers.

Scientific NameNepeta Cataria

RequirementsGrows well in poor soil

Time to Bloom : July to November

Native Place : Europe,Central Asia

Buy it for just (Rs 129) from National Seeds (

Buy it (Rs 99 + Rs 30) directly from Florafields.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bird of Paradise seeds available in India

The magnificent top selling flower is out for sale in India

for just Rs 69 + Rs 39 (shipping ).This plant is fairly easy to grow.

Scientific Name: Strelitzia Reginae

Requirements: Rich loamy soil,ample water throughout the year

Time to Bloom : 3-5 years after germination

Native Place : South Africa

This is a slower grower so you may have to wait 5 years after

planting to see its beautiful flowers.Currently they ship 2 seeds.

Buy it from Evergreen Gardens ( 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Online gardening e-shops in India Shops

1. Indian Gardening
Items start from Rs 99
Free shipping on each item

2. The IT Planet
Items start from Rs 40
Minimum Rs 29 shipping

3. Pepper Agro
Items start from Rs 82
Free shipping on each item

4. Poppy Gardens
Items start from Rs 75
Free shipping on each item

5. 2012-12 Super-sale
Items start from Rs 45
Rs 30 minimum shipping

6. Evergreen seeds
Shipping - Rs 39

7. Evergreen e-shops
Shipping - Rs 49

8. Yahoo Deals
Shipping - Rs 39

9. National Seeds (
Shipping - Rs 39

10. Rose Milian Orchids
Rree shipping ,items start from Rs 99 shops (located in India)

Items starting from $ 1.25
Free shipping on each item

Other websites

1. Agricart
Minimum order of Rs 500 order
Free shipping

2.  Bio Carve
shipping -  Rs 52

3. Plants Mans
Minimum order Rs 50,shipping Rs 50 upto 0.5kg

4. Kraft Seeds 
Items start from Rs 50
Rs 50 minimum shipping

5. Garden Guru
Items start from Rs 40
Rs 45 minimum shipping

6. Flora fields
Shipping - Rs 39

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Electronics Hobbyist supply websites in India

Electronics components are mostly bought from shops in India.But some times some components are unavailable or at remote places no such shops are available to the hobbyists.Here is the list of good electronics E-Shops with location and shipping costs.

Before that, this site is worth mentioning, for check the average cost of any electronic components.

Octopart : Search Engine for Electronics Parts

Biggest and cheapest stores on Ebay

Blitz TechWorld
Shipping Charges: Rs 49 (all over India)

Shipping Charges: Starting from Rs 55

The List of E-shops :

Bhasha Technologies
Shipping Charges: Rs 11 (all over India)
*Listed by freeduino website

Probots Techno Solutions
Shipping Charges: Rs 75 to 115
* Listed by arduino website

Extreme Electronics
Shipping Charges: Rs 70

Kits N Spares
Location: Delhi
Shipping Charges: Rs 150

Embedded Market
Shipping Charges: Rs 117
* nice interface
* Good  Mircocontroller Range
* Competitive Price

Ventor Technlogies
Shipping Charges: Rs 60
* Very cheap for small components

Shipping Charges: Rs 72
* Listed by arduino website

MG SuperLabs
Shipping Charges: Rs 100 to 150
* Listed by arduino website

Simple Labs
Shipping Charges: Rs 150
* Listed by arduino website

Explore Labs
Shipping Charges: Rs 50 (All India Flat rate)
* Listed by arduino website

Sumeet Instruments
Shipping Charges: Rs 100
* Listed by arduino website

Proto Central
Shipping Charges: Rs 100
(free shiping above Rs 1500 order)
* Listed by arduino website

Tenet Technetronics
Shipping Charges: Rs 150 + 2 % VAT
*.Listed by arduino website

Robo Kits
Shipping Charges: Rs 125

Element 14 (Formely Farnell)
Shipping Charges: Rs 200
* Pan card required
* International Range
* Data sheet for all products if applicable

Mouser Electronics
Shipping Charges: Rs 2160 (40 $)
* International Range

Shipping Charges: Rs 40
* Good Spares Range

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazing world of opensource Remote Vehicles

This project is powered by solar panels,gps recevier,magnetic compass.It is a boat project and is able to navigate autonomously on water surface.This machine is due to cross the atlantic ocean fully autonomously using just its sensor data.Raspberry Pi board is used as CPU for this project.

Its a quadrotor based on arduino board.This project use many sensors such as gyroscope,barometer,ultrasonic ranger and gps receiever.Complete design is open source and its being actively developed.

Innovators have not left any possiblitiies yet to be explored - air,land,water all have been traversed by remote controlled rovers and its now turn for UNDER-WATER exploration.Openrov is a submarine and is based on beaglebone board.Its amazing underwater videos could be viewed on it Youtube Channel.

ArdupilotOne is an arduino based autopilot system that can pilot airplanes, quad rotors, boats, and ground vehicles.

Its based on custom board APM 1/2 dedicated for autopilot mode.It has many unique advantages like- waypoints could be marked in advance or modified on journey,the entire trip route can be planned.
This project is supported by desktop application,APM Planner for monitiring and controlling the remote drone .It also supports failsafe return when the drone goes out communication coverage.

Projects under it are -




Forum for ardupilot and ardupilot-mega is located at

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Instant messaging was never so simple !!

Do you use different messengers to connect with your friends ? Quite

possibly YES.We are spoiled for choice in selecting Instant Messaging

service.If some of your friends are on yahoo messenger,you need to

install yahoo messenger.Similarly people download separate clients for

gtalk,MSN messenger for chatting with friends using them.

InstantBird gives you freedom to chat on wide variety of popular IM

services.This software is open source and is based on mozilla's
XUL framework and is very small for its capabilities.

Support for facebook chat,twitter,Windows live Messenger,yahoo messenger and more !!

Download instantbird (9.9 MB)