Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Incredible compression of images

Digital camera today have become so powerful that they generate very detailed images of sizes as large as 5 MB for a 12 Mega Pixel camera.The problem comes when sending these pics or sharing them.If you don't have then its a big headache uploading them over internet.

JPEG 2000 format allows for high compression with high quality.

For compressing you need to download and install XnView .

Download Xnview version 1.98.5 (4.3 MB)

Download Xnview latest version

Download Xnview portable (4.1 MB)

Run xnview follow the instruction as given in the video below

In this video a 246 KB jpeg image is compressed to 33 KB file at almost same quality.

If viewing problem then Download video file (300 KB)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Downloading small-sized movies

If you don't like waiting for hours to download a large (1.38 GB or 700 MB movie file),then there are websites that offer you the same quality(many times better also) at just 250 MB to 500 MB per movie below is the list of some of these sites --

1. tinymkv.com

2. mediafiremoviez.com

3. 300mbunited.com

4. epicmoviez.com

5. tinymoviez.com

6. arntmkv.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preview and download any movie torrent

Its common to be duped by downloading fake movie torrent.When the downloading completes then,you are required to buy and download xyz player to play that file.

Now this situation can be avoided. qBittorent lets you preview any audio or video file by sequentially downloading it from the begging.This means when you download 5%,you are in a position to judge whether its fake or its video quality.

Download qbittorent version 2.9.2 (windows)(7.8 MB)

Download the latest version

For sequential downloading,select the 'sequential download' option as shown below.

If viewing problem then Download video file (96 KB)

Download from 4shared using torrent

4shared has started distributing files over bit-torrent network.All the files hosted on 4shared.com can be downloaded through any torrent client which means forever resume-able links,means ultimate free seed-box.

UPDATE: Torrents of 4shared had no PEX, no DHT and torrent tracker is a custom one time download IP address.But downloading again the torrent and resuming with new tracker url makes it resume-able in a sense.


Wait for 20 second

Now Click download torrent file.