Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazing world of opensource Remote Vehicles

This project is powered by solar panels,gps recevier,magnetic compass.It is a boat project and is able to navigate autonomously on water surface.This machine is due to cross the atlantic ocean fully autonomously using just its sensor data.Raspberry Pi board is used as CPU for this project.

Its a quadrotor based on arduino board.This project use many sensors such as gyroscope,barometer,ultrasonic ranger and gps receiever.Complete design is open source and its being actively developed.

Innovators have not left any possiblitiies yet to be explored - air,land,water all have been traversed by remote controlled rovers and its now turn for UNDER-WATER exploration.Openrov is a submarine and is based on beaglebone board.Its amazing underwater videos could be viewed on it Youtube Channel.

ArdupilotOne is an arduino based autopilot system that can pilot airplanes, quad rotors, boats, and ground vehicles.

Its based on custom board APM 1/2 dedicated for autopilot mode.It has many unique advantages like- waypoints could be marked in advance or modified on journey,the entire trip route can be planned.
This project is supported by desktop application,APM Planner for monitiring and controlling the remote drone .It also supports failsafe return when the drone goes out communication coverage.

Projects under it are -




Forum for ardupilot and ardupilot-mega is located at

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